Should I Hire a Coach?

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“The best athletes in the day, the Gretzky’s, the Michael Jordan’s, they all had a coach. Still to this day, the best have coaches. Because the coach can see what you can’t see.”

Tony Robbins


Hiring the right coach is an important decision.

If this is something that you have been considering, you should know that the right coach can help you to do amazing things in your life and/or your business.

If you are wondering about hiring a coach, what a coach does, or if it’s a good investment, I would suggest reading this article HERE


Coaching is one of the most valuable tools in the world. A coach has a different perspective and can see some things that you can’t see because they are looking from the outside”


I’ve created a “Mindset Questions” worksheet. If you follow this daily, you’ll see amazing results quickly!

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Your Partner in Success Radio with Denise Griffitts

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I had an amazing interview with Denise Griffitts on her podcast, Your Partner in Success Radio. We discussed entrepreneurship, personal development, mindset, coaching, and so much more. This has been one of the most enjoyable shows that I’ve ever been on. It’s great when two like-minded individuals can open up with one another and just talk about everything that’s on their mind.

Find out more and listen to this episode HERE

We spoke a lot about my Momentum Series and my upcoming FREE Mindset Secrets webinar. You can get more information about both of these at the following links.

Momentum Training

Mindset Secrets Webinar



Also, be sure to check out all my coaching and courses HERE

Find other podcasts that I’ve been a guest on HERE

Learn more about my two podcasts, Jeff Heggie Daily Success Strategies and The Jeff & Heidi Show, HERE


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Podcasts, Courses, Promotions, and Other Things Going On

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There is a lot going on and I’m excited about everything in the works.

I thought it would be good to list a number of things we’ve been up to at Jeff Heggie Coaching over the past while so that if you have interest in any of them, you’ll have access.


Your Partner in Success Radio with Denise Griffitts on Blog Talk Radio

What an incredible interview! I truly enjoyed being a guest on Your Partner in Success Radio. Denise and I talked about entrepreneurship, coaching, mindset, personal development, and just about anything else that crossed our mind. It was a great opportunity to be on her podcast.

Find out more about it and listen to my interview HERE


The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast

This week our interview was with Nick Bogacz of Caliente Pizza and Draft House. This was a great interview. Nick is a 3X World Pizza Champion (2016, 2017, 2018) and was named the 2019 Best Pizza in America.

Find out more about this podcast episode HERE


Jeff Heggie’s Daily Success Strategies

As always, I love recording this daily podcast and sharing it. I’d love to have you join my mailing list to this podcast by subscribing. You can find our more about my podcasts HERE

You can listen to Daily Success Strategies on Apple Podcasts HERE


Courses & Programs!

Here are some things that I’m really excited about!


FREE Mindset Secrets Webinar

On September 10 at 5PM MST (Arizona Time) I’ll be offering a free webinar teaching about powerful mindset secrets that will allow you to take your business and your life to another level!

This training is free, but space is limited. You can find out more and register HERE


High Achievers Mindset Secrets

On the same topic as the free webinar, I have a soon to be released online course that will change your life! Find our more HERE


High Achievers Mindset Secrets LIVE!

Similar to the course mentioned above but it’s LIVE!

Attn: High Achievers

“Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Achieve Your Big Dreams (Even If You Think It’s Too Late)”

If you’re ready to achieve your goals and dreams, believe in yourself and 2020 again, and know that there is a Big Future ahead for you, then you need to register for this training!

High Achievers Mindset Secrets will teach you:

  • How to develop a Powerful Mindset that guides your decisions and actions.
  • How to attract more success into your life automatically.
  • How to achieve your dreams by following a clear path.
  • How to 10X your self-confidence, and
  • STOP Worrying About What Others Think of You!
You’ll Learn From These 5 Powerful Modules:

Module 1 – Momentum Cycle

  • Create real momentum in your life
  • Find out ‘How Bad You Really Want It”
  • Develop a true Belief in Yourself
Module 2 – Your Bigger Future
  • See a new vision of what is possible
  • Properly identify and set powerful goals with specific attributes
  • How to make them a reality
Module 3 – WHY
  • Reasons come first, actions come second
  • How your ‘Why’ will make you successful
  • Motivation
  • Definite Chief Aim
Module 4 – Mindset Questions
  • Visualization – not as an observer
  • Powerful Self Talk
  • Habitual Questions
  • Mindset Journaling
  • Module 5 – Proximity
  • Surround yourself with greatness
  • Your success formula
  • Live with intention
Plus Much More!!!
Register HERE
Mindset Journal
I’m not going to share much about this yet… But I will tell you that I’m using my Mindset Journal now and I’m loving it. I can’t wait to share it with others and see how helpful it is!
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Napoleon Hill’s 13 Principles of Success

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In Think and Grow RichNapoleon Hill outlines 13 Principles of Success

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

This is the book we are currently studying in our Inner Circle Mastermind. We are reading it as a group and each week in our mastermind call we are discussing one of the thirteen principles.

Learn more about this book and these 13 Principles of Success HERE.



How Are Your Personal Development Habits?

If you understand the value and importance of self-education and personal development but need some help maximizing it, read the following article:

6 Strategies to Accelerate Your Personal Development





Get the free “Mindset Questions” checklist here immediately >>

Mind Your Own Business!

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The concept of minding your own business means that while you are grinding away at your day job you need to be investing in your future and minding your own business. Pretty soon you’ll be able to walk away from that day job and mind your own business full time.

The best way to do this is through the acquisition of real estate.

Let’s take a quick look at where you are losing all your money-taxes. Taxes have been around since 1913 in the U.S. (earlier in England). While the original intention was to only tax the wealthiest of the population, obviously that’s trickled down to the masses, including those in poverty.

Now, keep in mind the more money you make the more taxes you pay. The wealthy know a way of getting around this-form a corporation. Corporations offer tax benefits and protect you from lawsuits. To learn more about this talk with one of our business coaches or your attorney.

We’ve all heard the golden rule of Pay Yourself First.

But, many of us don’t do it. Until you learn and put this rule into effect, you won’t have any chance of getting out of the rat race. What this rule does is force you to come up with more income to pay your expenses.

There are some key areas of finance you should learn about, taking classes is one of the best ways to do this. Here are the basics you should learn:



It pays to know how to read financial statements. When acquiring businesses or assets you need to quickly see the financial standing of the company you are acquiring.

Many grown adults do not know how to balance a balance sheet. In the long term, this knowledge will pay off for you and your business.


Investment Strategy

This skill will sharpen with experience. Talk to investors and observe how they play the game.


Market Behavior

Know the laws of Supply and Demand. No business owner can do without understanding these basic principles of the market. Bill Gates saw what people needed. Open your eyes to opportunities. Look at what sells and who buys.



Grow your business within legal boundaries. Know your corporate, state, and accounting laws.

Once you know these areas of finances you can make them work for you. The rich practically invent money. You have to know where to find a great deal. Let’s continue with real estate. Look for houses in trouble or find the court in your area that handles foreclosed, police impound or other real estate situations. You can either renovate and sell or rent for residual income.

So, essentially there are two main types of investors:

  1. Those who buy pre-packaged investments
  2. Those who create their own investments

You know which are the most successful. In order to be one of those people, you need to know what to look for and how to respond.

You must:

  1. Find a good deal other people have missed.
  2. Raise the capital needed for the transaction.
  3. Put together a svelte team to execute the plan.

There is risk involved in every acquisition. The goal is not to avoid the risk, but to respond to the risk with confidence and a steady hand.

If you need help identifying potential money-makers, where to get the capital you need, and how to put together a smart team, try our GUIDED TOUR to gain access to our resources and tools.

Regardless of what stage you are at with your business, one of the main things you must work on is your mindset. To find true success in your life, implement the strategies in Mindset Questions: The Real Secret to Success. You can also gain daily inspiration through these podcasts.