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November 2-6, 2020 Episodes


This was a great week, with some great episodes. If you missed any, I hope you’ll use the links above to catch up!

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The Multi-Task Myth

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Episode 030: Daily Success Strategies Podcast – The Multi-Task Myth


Daily Success Strategies with Jeff Heggie

Episode 030: The Multi-Talk Myth

There’s a backstory to my episode today. This morning I received a text message from my mom. It said, “Just read this, do you agree?”

Attached was a photo of an article that said, “truly the brain is wired to do only one thing at a time. When you feel like you are doing two things at once, you’re actually doing two individual things in rapid succession. Multi-tasking doesn’t expand the brain’s capacity to accomplish both; it simply increases the amount of mental effort it must put out. The result is that we simply reduce the attention we give to each of the tasks.”

In short, YES I agree…

I talk about my thoughts around this issue and also point out some of the negative things that come from trying to multi-task, such as:

1. Lower productivity on both tasks

2. Stops you from getting into a state of flow

a. U of California Irvine study says that when we are distracted, it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back on task

3. UCLA Study – impacts short term memory

4. Leads to increased anxiety

5. Inhibits creative thinking

How do we solve this? Refer to Episode 014 – Success PlanningPlan your day List your tasks in priority (Long term list, short term list) List top 3 priorities for the day List the tasks that MUST get done that day Block your time – NO DISTRACTIONS Take breaks Optimize your work environment