Your Partner in Success Radio with Denise Griffitts

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I had an amazing interview with Denise Griffitts on her podcast, Your Partner in Success Radio. We discussed entrepreneurship, personal development, mindset, coaching, and so much more. This has been one of the most enjoyable shows that I’ve ever been on. It’s great when two like-minded individuals can open up with one another and just talk about everything that’s on their mind.

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We spoke a lot about my Momentum Series and my upcoming FREE Mindset Secrets webinar. You can get more information about both of these at the following links.

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Mindset Secrets Webinar



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Podcasts, Courses, Promotions, and Other Things Going On

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There is a lot going on and I’m excited about everything in the works.

I thought it would be good to list a number of things we’ve been up to at Jeff Heggie Coaching over the past while so that if you have interest in any of them, you’ll have access.


Your Partner in Success Radio with Denise Griffitts on Blog Talk Radio

What an incredible interview! I truly enjoyed being a guest on Your Partner in Success Radio. Denise and I talked about entrepreneurship, coaching, mindset, personal development, and just about anything else that crossed our mind. It was a great opportunity to be on her podcast.

Find out more about it and listen to my interview HERE


The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast

This week our interview was with Nick Bogacz of Caliente Pizza and Draft House. This was a great interview. Nick is a 3X World Pizza Champion (2016, 2017, 2018) and was named the 2019 Best Pizza in America.

Find out more about this podcast episode HERE


Jeff Heggie’s Daily Success Strategies

As always, I love recording this daily podcast and sharing it. I’d love to have you join my mailing list to this podcast by subscribing. You can find our more about my podcasts HERE

You can listen to Daily Success Strategies on Apple Podcasts HERE


Courses & Programs!

Here are some things that I’m really excited about!


FREE Mindset Secrets Webinar

On September 10 at 5PM MST (Arizona Time) I’ll be offering a free webinar teaching about powerful mindset secrets that will allow you to take your business and your life to another level!

This training is free, but space is limited. You can find out more and register HERE


High Achievers Mindset Secrets

On the same topic as the free webinar, I have a soon to be released online course that will change your life! Find our more HERE


High Achievers Mindset Secrets LIVE!

Similar to the course mentioned above but it’s LIVE!

Attn: High Achievers

“Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Achieve Your Big Dreams (Even If You Think It’s Too Late)”

If you’re ready to achieve your goals and dreams, believe in yourself and 2020 again, and know that there is a Big Future ahead for you, then you need to register for this training!

High Achievers Mindset Secrets will teach you:

  • How to develop a Powerful Mindset that guides your decisions and actions.
  • How to attract more success into your life automatically.
  • How to achieve your dreams by following a clear path.
  • How to 10X your self-confidence, and
  • STOP Worrying About What Others Think of You!
You’ll Learn From These 5 Powerful Modules:

Module 1 – Momentum Cycle

  • Create real momentum in your life
  • Find out ‘How Bad You Really Want It”
  • Develop a true Belief in Yourself
Module 2 – Your Bigger Future
  • See a new vision of what is possible
  • Properly identify and set powerful goals with specific attributes
  • How to make them a reality
Module 3 – WHY
  • Reasons come first, actions come second
  • How your ‘Why’ will make you successful
  • Motivation
  • Definite Chief Aim
Module 4 – Mindset Questions
  • Visualization – not as an observer
  • Powerful Self Talk
  • Habitual Questions
  • Mindset Journaling
  • Module 5 – Proximity
  • Surround yourself with greatness
  • Your success formula
  • Live with intention
Plus Much More!!!
Register HERE
Mindset Journal
I’m not going to share much about this yet… But I will tell you that I’m using my Mindset Journal now and I’m loving it. I can’t wait to share it with others and see how helpful it is!
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Word of Mouth Tactics – Part 2

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In the last post we started our series on word of mouth and talked about how to make your customers purchasing experience a short, easy one. We are going to continue with that theme a bit today. We’re going to talk about the power of word of mouth and how to mold it to your advantage.

The reality is everyone needs an advisor to guide them to make a decision. We rely on the expertise of others to make the right decisions as they are explained to us. When you take the time to understand exactly what and how word of mouth works, you’ll see all the great advantages it has to offer you. Remember this path when working to understand word of mouth:

  • Accelerate the decision-making process for increased profits.
  • You can accelerate product making decisions by making the process easier.
  • Instead of low-ball advertising and the used car salesman approach, try delivering on your word of mouth promises.

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Traditional advertising draws about one response for every thousand ads and most of those are to ask for more information before the customer even considers purchasing. When you get information from a friend, you are more likely to take their word for it and act. On average customers purchase two out of every five recommendations their friends make. That’s a HUGE difference.

So, what exactly is word of mouth? Well, we know how powerful it can be, but to define it: Word of mouth is a communication that happens between a customer and a potential customer. There is usually a relationship of some kind between these two people with an established level of trust.

Now, compare this to advertising where you are providing a message to a potential customer where they have not established relationship with you or level of trust. Who are they more likely to take advice from? The answer is clear!
We talked above about the benefits of word of mouth now let’s take a look at some reasons why it works. Some of these are:

  • The information is custom tailored to the potential customer because of the friendly relationship of the referrer.
  • It’s more personal, relevant and believable.
  • It,s customer driven.
  • It’s self generating and can take on a life of its own, especially with the information age of the Internet.
  • It becomes part of the product’s description.
  • The source of word of mouth can be important and more effective when coming from an expert.
  • Word of mouth saves you time and money.


To fully utilize word of mouth you need to understand:

  1. Where is your word of mouth coming from?
  2. What products are being affected by word of mouth?
  3. How is your word of mouth traveling?

Once you know these things you can work out a plan on how to trigger more word of mouth. This wraps up this lesson on word of mouth. If you need help understanding word of mouth and how it can impact your business, try our GUIDED TOUR to access our wealth of resources and tools.

Next time we’re going to dive into the nine levels of word of mouth. These levels help you understand which word of mouth is positive and which is not.

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Maximize Your Resources – Part 2

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Last week we talked about the first three areas to work through in maximizing your current resources. They were:

  • Recognize the obvious
  • Unconventional breakthroughs
  • Face the facts

Today we’ll cover the next three, which are:

  • Reveal your business’ soul
  • From breaking even to breaking the bank
  • Stand up and stand out
Small Business and customer service

Reveal Your Business’ Soul

Every business has a soul and you likely felt it the strongest when your business was just starting. It’s that passion, newness and momentum you had at the very beginning. Sometimes that can get lost along the way as your business gets stagnant and set in its ways. You have to break out of that rut and get back to your business’ true soul.

The philosophy of putting your client’s needs above your own is the true key to success. You need to serve your clients not sell to them. They want to build a relationship based on trust, not a used car. Add to these responsibilities your ability to solve problems, handle special situations, be a friend to your clients and focus on offering valuable, high quality products/services. Only then will you get back to the basics and find you have more resources than you thought.

From Breaking Even to Breaking the Bank

One of the classic and most used ways to attract clients is to offer them a ridiculously low price on their initial purchase and lock them in for future purchases. You see this approach with movie or book clubs and even credit card companies who offer lower interest rates for the first six months.

Essentially, you are offering them a deal on their first purchase and then you offer them back-end and add-on products along the way. These are naturally higher prices and will bring them in to more of an intimate relationship with you and your company.

Stand Up and Stand Out

You need to stand out from the pack among your competitors. They only way you can do this through consistency and value. You do this by discovering what your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is and perfecting it. Here are some tips to help you find and develop your USP:

  1. Look for unfilled needs in your industry.
  2. Use preemptive marketing.
  3. Use a technique that is clear and to the point.

This wraps up this post. If you need help with any of these areas and techniques, try our GUIDED TOUR to access a wealth of resources and tools.

You can also get our special Momentum Series training that focuses on helping you become clear on your goals and then showing you the path to get there. Right now I’m offering that program for Free to my readers at: Momentum Training Series.

What You Need To Know Before Your First Meeting

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There are a few things you need to do and consider to prepare for your first face to face meeting:

  • Make a list of what you want to accomplish during the meeting.
  • Anticipate potential concerns from the client.
  • Check to make sure you are completely prepared.
  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Bring support staff with you.
  • Use and respect the clients’ format.
  • Always follow through.
  • Ask for what you need and seal the deal.
  • Simplify your prospects life.
  • Find ways to boost your credibility.
  • Build and nurture relationships.
  • Learn from “no.” Find out what didn’t work so you know how to change it for the next time.

These are all important things to do both before and during your presentation. With confidence behind your company and product you will catch that big fish. The next step of the process is negotiation. This can seem a little intimidating but with a few tips and tricks can become natural to you.

Here are some tips to help you negotiated successfully:

  1. Build a pricing strategy and stick with it.
  2. Prioritize what you plan to offer. This should include what really matters to you and what you are willing to give in on.
  3. Don’t give in too quickly.
  4. Negotiated with a person, not a “company”. Don’t let their answer be that they would like to but can’t.
  5. Don’t sell yourself short.
  6. Mitigate your pricing. If you go too low you won’t be able to raise it back up and you need to make a profit.
  7. Don’t sacrifice quality for the deal.
  8. Your services should always count as costs.
  9. Boost margins with add-ons.
  10. Handle requests for proposals with the utmost care.

These are the ways you make sure that both parties are getting the best possible situation from the partnership. Once you start meeting or working together, it’s important to continue to build your relationship so that that representative becomes a big of an ally for you. They are more likely to vouch for you and build on the partnership you have with their company.

We like to call this person a champion. They are champion for your company and can bring a stronger, brighter future to your company. Here are the characteristics of a great champion:

  • They are respected by supervisors.
  • They are socially networked.
  • They think in the best interest of their company’s long run.
  • They are able to quickly navigate through the company to get things done.
  • They are willing to give credit to another person.
  • They share the same business philosophy, values and vision as you.


Now, that you know how to negotiate for what is best for both parties and build on relationships, we’re going to talk about how to use your fish’ power to the best of your benefit.

If you need help with any of the negotiation or courting process, try our GUIDED TOUR to get access to a wealth of great tools and resources to help you be successful. You can also check out our selection of Online Courses.